The Sonos One will let Alexa control your Spotify playlists later this year


In the beginning of October, Sonos announced its first smart speaker with the Sonos One, which has been integrated with Amazon’s Alexa voice services. However, there are some limitations to what can be controlled, one of which is controlling your Spotify playlists.

Now, Sonos has announced that issue will be fixed, as the company confirmed that Alexa will be able to control Spotify with nothing more than your voice. Currently, while you can still listen to Spotify on your Sonos One, you can’t use your voice to control any of the playback options.

At the top of the “Controlling your Sonos with Amazon Alexa” support page, the company states that “full voice support for Spotify” will be coming by December 21st. This is less than ideal, but at least the proper support is on the way, even if it won’t be here until the end of the year.

Let us know if you picked up the Sonos One speaker, and how it’s been working for you. If you want to pick up the Sonos One for yourself, hit the button below to grab one for $199.

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[Engadget | Sonos]


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