Someone may have captured a photo of the OnePlus 5T at Paris Games Week


There have been plenty of leaks and teasers hinting at the existence of the OnePlus 5T, the 5 month followup to this year’s OnePlus 5. Earlier today, OnePlus confirmed both the name of the device — the OnePlus 5T — and the fact that it will still carry a headphone jack. The teaser image appears to confirm rumors that the phone will be carrying the same physical dimensions as the previous model, only with a larger screen thanks to smaller bezels.

Up until now, we’ve only gotten a look at the device in official teasers, but no leaks of the phone in the wild… That was until e-sports player Alessandro Palmarini‏ — who’s Vainglory team “Fnatic” happens to be sponsored by OnePlus — posted a rather interesting photo of him and his teammates at a gaming event.

While paying a visit to the OnePlus booth, you can see various OnePlus 5’s tethered to the tables, while one in particular looks a bit unlike the others. It’s hard to tell, but the phone being held looks as though it has much smaller bezels than the regular OnePlus 5 beside it. If that’s true, this could very well be our first real look at the OnePlus 5T in the wild.

What do you guys think? Weird angle? Or did someone goof and post a photo of the OnePlus 5T?

Twitter | via Reddit

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