Galaxy Note 8 users report frustrating freezing issue


Last year’s Galaxy Note 7 had a tendency to overheat, while this year’s Galaxy Note 8 seems to have a problem with freezing. A growing number of users are reporting that their handsets are crashing when opening certain apps, including the built-in Contacts app.

Users are taking to the Samsung Community forum to report the problem, which is making life with a Galaxy Note 8 extremely frustrating for some. Doing simple, everyday things can become impossible, with the crashes so bad that only restarting the device will fix them.

I set up speed dial and sometimes it will call but not show the contact info and sometimes it will just outright freeze on me,” reports one Note 8 owner. “I am currently dialing each and every one of my contacts as of now to avoid this issue.”

I have a note 8 and actually is my first time using and android phone. I never seen a phone that freezes an reboots so many times in the same month,” writes another. “Some times it happens when I’m playing games or using Facebook or WhatsApp. Other times it happens just by browsing etc.”

The problem appears to occur most commonly with Samsung’s own Contacts app, however, other users are reporting similar freezing issues when loading third-party apps and games. Again, this isn’t a temporary freeze; only restarting the device brings it back to life.

That, coupled with the fact that the freezing occurs with basic features, make this a serious issue — especially on a flagship smartphone that costs $1,000. Samsung obviously needs to address it quickly, but as yet, the South Korean company hasn’t responded to the complaints.

UPDATE: Statement from Samsung:

“We are aware of a limited number of reports about Note8 devices experiencing an issue with some of their applications. Any consumer who experiences this issue should update their apps in the Samsung Galaxy Store and the Google Play Store. Any consumers with questions should contact us directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG so that we can help them.”

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