The Galaxy Note 7 featured irregular batteries which caused the device to catch fire


Late yesterday, Samsung revealed there would be a press conference regarding the findings in the Galaxy Note 7 investigation. There has already been one report revealing the supposed findings of the investigation, and now it seems that The Wall Street Journal has acquired a copy of the report.

According to said report, the reason for the Galaxy Note 7 catching fire was due to the battery being too large for the housing. This follows up with what the initial reports suggested, as Samsung attempted to put too many components in the device without leaving enough room for batteries to expand.

In fact, some of the batteries were “irregularly sized” which also led to the batteries catching fire after being put under too much strain. What’s surprising is when you consider that Samsung’s own battery division, Samsung SDI, was the manufacturer of the batteries for the Galaxy Note 7.

As we noted last night, it will be interesting to see what Samsung’s plans are to avoid running into this issue again. One of which comes to us in the form of another rumor which suggests that the Galaxy S8 will take advantage of a thermal pipe to help keep things cool enough within the device.

As a reminder, Samsung’s press conference will begin at 8PM EST on Sunday, January 22nd, and will be live-streamed on Samsung’s website.


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