Google app teardown reveals more info about routines, Pixel Buds, and ‘Quartz’


The latest beta release of the Google app has been ripped apart to reveal some new information. The app has mentions of the new Assistant feature called “Routines,” Pixel Buds, and the rumored Google Home device with a display called “Quartz.”

“Routines” are programmable, well, routines that can perform multiple actions with a single command. The app includes an icon and string for Routines. We can also see “Scenes” being mentioned. A “Scene” is a grouping of smart devices.

Next up, the Pixel Buds are mentioned in a string for support and apparently, you will have to place them in the charging case for updates. There’s also references to sending data to Google and notifications for headphones running in the background. Lastly, the rumored Google Home with a display codenamed “Quartz.” It’s referenced in some strings for Recipes and pairing devices.

[via 9to5Google]

Joe Fedewa
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