Google launches Pixelbook Sleeve and Pixelbook Pen Clip


When Pixelbook reviews first started publishing, few of them covered the Pixelbook Pen in great detail. The $99 pen is cool, but is it practical? You see, Google didn’t even launch the Pixelbook with an accessory to keep its pen secure, nearly guaranteeing you’ll lose it.

Until now. The Official Google Store is now selling two products to protect your shiny new Chromebook goods: the Bellroy Sleeve for Google Pixelbook and the Bellroy Pixelbook PenClip.

Pixelbook Sleeve

Coming in two colors (gray and black) and weighing in at $89, the Bellory Sleeve looks cushy, will protect your Pixelbook from scratches and dings (mine already has one), and has an interior loop to hold your Pixelbook Pen.

Two bonuses: it’s made of water resistant fabric and pops into a stand if you can’t find just the right tent or table angle.

If you opted for the Pixelbook Pen this beauty is a no-brainer.

Pixelbook Pen Clip

Even if you buy the Pixelbook Sleeve you’ll want to consider the Pen Clip; the leather clip is also magnetic and clings to the side of your Pixelbook when its closed, insuring you won’t lose it.

With 3-colors, backed by a 3-year warranty, and at only $30 this is a pretty attractive deal.

The only question is why didn’t Google build this functionality into the Pixelbook Pen in the first place? When you’re already spending $1,100+ on the device and stylus, the extra $30 “pen clip” seems a bit like nickel and diming.

Will you buy them?

If you’ve purchased a Pixelbook or are considering it- will these accessories be on your shopping list? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments.

And most of all- do you know of any better alternatives that our readers should consider buying?

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