Oct 20th, 2017

Earlier this week, we learned that some Pixel and Pixel XL owners (the original, not the new Pixel 2 family) were having issues with SMS. Specifically, they couldn’t receive SMS messages. Some have been able to fix the problem with reboots and factory resets, but it persists for others.

But workarounds are no match for proper fixes. In that regard, there’s good and bad news:

  • The Good: Google already has a fix in the works…
  • The Bad: … it won’t be here until the November security patch arrives.

That’s at least 11 days from now, but 11 days (longer if you count the time spent suffering this issue and if Google sticks to their “first Monday” rule which would be November 6th) without SMS is pretty brutal in this texting age. In the meantime, now would be a great time to see if you can convince any of your friends to use Allo.

via Google

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