The Pixel 2 has its own dedicated imaging chip, and it was designed by Google


We’re not sure why Google didn’t toot their own horn about this at the Pixel 2 launch, but some interesting new information about the device’s innards has come to light. Apparently, it has a dedicated imaging chip, the first ever designed by Google.

Called the Pixel Visual Core, the chip’s responsibility is to handle all the heavy lifting a camera needs to do its thing. It’ll improve latency and speed all the while not demanding nearly as much power from the system as other integrated chips.

These benefits will shine through Google’s implementation of HDR+ photography, which combines machine learning and a top-grade camera sensor to make for some incredibly balanced photos (and also while implementing tricks like depth of field).

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But if that’s not enough, the PVC will also apparently be available for third-party developers to tap into. Currently, a camera app would be able to use the sensor with none of Google’s HDR+ magic at play, which is obviously no good considering you want consistent performance no matter which app you’re using. That functionality isn’t set to arrive until later this year when Google flips the switch on PVC, but it’s nice to know that the pieces are in place to make it happen.

via The Verge

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