Supreme Court refuses to hear case about “Google” being a generic term


“Google it.” It’s a phrase everyone says without even thinking about it. “Google” has become synonymous with search. Just like every tissue is a “Kleenex.” You might think that’s a good thing for Google, but it can actually be very bad.

You may have noticed that Google rarely uses the phrase “Google it.” Instead, they will specifically say “search for it.” That’s because they don’t want “google” to become a generic term. When a brand name becomes a generic term it loses the brand recognition. You might call all tape “scotch tape” without realizing Scotch is an actual brand.

A lawsuit claimed that the word “google” has become synonymous with any kind of internet search. Therefore, Google should no longer have the trademark. The Supreme Court declined to review the petition. The lawsuit was brought up by a man who has a bunch of domains that include the word “google.” Google claimed trademark infringement and he had to forfeit the domains.

What do you think about the term “Google?” Do you use it as a generic term for all internet searches?

[via arstechnica]

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