Samsung might be a lone wolf in push for under-display fingerprint as everyone looks to copy Apple


Welp, Apple’s gone and done it again. They’ve moved forward with a smartphone design change or an innovation that they like, and the rest of the industry is in ‘me, too’ mode.

Such is the case with the iPhone X’s decision to drop the fingerprint sensor in favor of an all-screen design and the use of 3D depth-sensing cameras for biometric security. It really is cool tech and, if Apple’s claims are genuine, could be infinitely more secure than fingerprint tech.

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So we shouldn’t be surprised to hear that industry interest for the tech has skyrocketed. KGI reports that interest for the tech has at least tripled since the iPhone X’s unveiling, and is expected to outpace under-display fingerprint sensors by as much as 3:1. There are a couple of different factors at play making that happen:

  • The Apple effect, duh. Everyone wants to be like Apple and wait until the Cupertino company embraces new tech before it truly goes mainstream.
  • There’s also the matter that under-display tech requires the use of OLED panels, which are still more costly than LCD. While much of the industry — including Apple — is beginning to shift toward OLED, LCD is still the tech of choice for the budget market.

For what it’s worth, it sounds like Samsung is in no rush to match wits with Apple in the advanced imaging front, and they supposedly still have plans to introduce under-display tech as early as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Of course, Samsung’s facial recognition and iris scanning tech can still be pushed with savvy marketing as a fine Apple alternative, so we’ll have to see if it pays off to offer the best of both worlds.

via MacRumors

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