Oct 9th, 2017

The OnePlus 5 launched not more than 4 months ago and while we’ve seen fresh new devices from Samsung and Google, it’s done a pretty damn good job at holding its own. You’ll be hard pressed to find another smartphone offering a better mix of hardware and performance for the money, well that’s until the newer model is released.

Although the OnePlus 5 is still somewhat of a youngster, it’s rumored that OnePlus has already begun work on a OnePlus 5T. Similar to last year’s OnePlus 3/3T — which both featured the exact same design but slightly updated hardware specs — it’s looking like this year’s OnePlus 5T could have something drastically different in mind.

Image via Slashleaks

According to GizmoChina, the phone will likely carry the same design as the Oppo F5 (pictured above), the Samsung Galaxy S8/ LG V30 look alike with small bezels. With a much larger 6-inch, 18:9 display, it’s so different that we’re starting to wonder if this might see a full number jump to the OnePlus 6.

The OnePlus 3T launched just 5 months after the OnePlus 3 arrived on the scene and with the OnePlus 5 now out of stock in most countries, it’s hard not to wonder if OnePlus is paving the way for the 5T (or 6, or whatever they end up calling it) which is rumored for a November release. The Oppo F5 is set to be announced at a launch event on October 26th, so we could hear more about the OnePlus 5T/6 a short time after that.