Oct 6th, 2017

Upon announcing the Pixel 2, Google made it a point to mention that they’re repeating their offer of free unlimited photo storage for Pixel 2 owners, even when those photos are uploaded in unlimited quality. But Google will impose some sort of limit.

While there’s no hard limit on the amount of original quality photos you can upload, Google says unlimited free original quality uploads will cease after 2020. That’s not too bad when you think about it:

  • How many folks will actually stick with the phone for close to 3 years? There will be a few, but not many.
  • You’ll still get unlimited uploads for up high-quality images, you just won’t be able to upload new ones at original quality.
  • Those which you already uploaded at original quality will remain for as long as you want them to, as Google won’t retroactively downgrade any of your photos.

So yes, there’s a limit, but it’ll be so hard to hit that you may as well consider your needs more special than others and begin considering more serious photo storage options.

via CNET

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