Get this rugged, waterproof Bluetooth speaker for only $12 [DEAL]


I’ve struggled to find a good waterproof Bluetooth speaker to use when I go hiking and kayaking with friends, but this AmazonBasics speaker fits the bill really nicely. It’s rugged and shockproof so it’s capable of withstanding a bit of abuse, but perhaps the most important feature is that it’s waterproof. I picked up this very same speaker earlier this year for around $15, but Amazon currently has it for $11.98.

Amazon says it has a 33-foot wireless range and will offer you up to 8 hours of uninterrupted playtime, which is a pretty good estimate. I sometimes keep it in the bathroom when I don’t have any trips planned to use in the shower in the morning and I usually don’t have to take it out and charge it but once a week or so.

It charges with a micro USB cable so hopefully, you haven’t gotten rid of all of those.

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