Google Home Mini was prematurely listed at Walmart


The Google Home Mini has popped up on Walmart’s website, though it was taken down as of this writing. Strange little occurrence, that, considering it hasn’t been officially announced yet. We expect to hear about it today or during tomorrow’s Pixel event, especially since the Google Home app has also just been updated to mark the occasion.

Walmart was showing the previously rumored price tag of $49.99, as well as the expected release date of October 19th. They’ve taken what little mystery there is about the device out of the equation by now, because we know it’s essentially a smaller Google Home speaker to go up against the Amazon Echo Dot.

As such, it may not have quite as powerful speakers as the original, but it’ll still listen and talk back to you all the same. It’s poised to be a nice option for those not interested in the multimedia aspects of Google Home, or for those who already have existing home speaker setups to work with it.

Aside from the two images you see above, the listing also gave us some quick dimensions: 4.53 x 4.53 x 4.72 inches. That’ll translate into a pill-like design that should find a decent spot on any mantle, table, or surface in your home. Stay tuned for more about this thing in the hours to come.

via Droid-Life

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