Need some extra juice? Check out these RAVPower accessories [DEAL]


One of the more annoying things about modern smartphones is that most of them no longer have a removable battery that you can switch out when you hit 0%. There are a handful of ways manufacturers have tried to compensate, like including fast charging or wireless charging, but nothing beats being able to change your battery and be at 100%.

The next best thing we can hope for is having a readily available source of power, no matter where you go. I’ve resorted to throwing a massive 20,000mAh power pack in my messenger bag when I’m traveling and I’ve not yet had to hunt for a seat next to a plugin at the airport. What’s even better is that most devices (that aren’t Apple) charge with USB-C these days, so you can power your smartphone, laptop, tablet, Nintendo Switch, or anything else you’ve got on the go.

Check out these deals from RAVPower if you’re in need of some juice on the go.
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