32 photos taken with the Galaxy Note 8 [GALLERY]


One of the most important aspects of our smartphones today is how well they can take a photo. Daylight, low light, action shots, or animals — for some, it’s a major deciding factor when looking to upgrade their old device to a new one. The Galaxy Note 8 is easily one of the best mobile shooters around, packed to the brim with cutting edge features like dual cameras and more software tricks than you can shake a stick at.

On the front, an 8MP 1.22µm f/1.7 camera takes your selfies, while the back of the Galaxy Note 8 features a primary 12MP dual pixel camera with 1.4µm pixels and an f/1.7 wide angle lens. It’s pretty much the same camera as you’d find on the Galaxy S8 and S8+, only the Note 8 adds a second camera for 2X optical zoom.

Speaking of which, the secondary camera features a 12MP 1.0µm sensor, and f/2.4 aperture lens. While this will help you get much closer to your subject without physically moving, it’s not really best suited for low light. The best part is that both cameras feature OIS to help minimize hand movements and for a telephoto lens — this is damn near mandatory.

Like the iPhone, the Note 8 can also leverage the two cameras to produce a digital (artificial) shallow depth of field effect perfect for portrait shots. Samsung takes things a step further on the Note 8 by adding the ability to snap both a regular wide angle and a 2X zoomed photo when shooting in portrait mode. You can also go back into the photo afterward and manually adjust the depth of field effect (blurred background intensity). It’s definitely much more versatile than the camera setup you’ll find on most other devices, so Samsung really nailed it there.

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All that being said, if you’re curious to see how the Galaxy Note 8 performs in real world use, I’ve gone ahead and shared a handful of photos taken with the device in a variety of lighting conditions. These aren’t meant to paint the camera in the best light, but instead meant to give you an accurate portrayal of how you can expect the camera to perform should you decide to pick one up. Here are just a few photos taken directly from my camera roll:

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