Google Assistant is coming to Chromebooks


Google Assistant started out as an exclusive feature for the Pixel phones and Google Home, but it has slowly made its way to more devices. Just last week, Google pushed Assistant to Android TV boxes. What’s the next frontier for Google’s AI helper? Chromebooks.

There have been mentions of Assistant on Chromebooks in the past, but nothing really solid. Hidden in the Google Home app is a nugget that seems to confirm Assistant on Chromebooks.

If you look at the “Chat with your Assistant” game you’ll see that it’s compatible with “Google Home, Allo, Android 6.0+ phones, Chromebook, and iOS 9.0+ phones.” The text alone could be passed off as a mistake, but there is also a laptop icon. This seems pretty solid. We expect Google to announce this at their event on Wednesday.

[via 9to5Google]

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