Google Assistant is now available on Android TV


The Google Assistant was always slated to come to Android TV. The goods were teased long ago and we thought that a full rollout was imminent then, but it wasn’t until today that it’s being rolled out in full force.

With the Google Assistant, you can use a glutton of commands to watch what you want and do what you need on your Android TV. Here’s a bundle of examples of things you can do:

  • “Play Game of Thrones”— your Assistant can play a wide variety of content, from movies and TV shows to YouTube clips and music. With HBO NOW, Netflix and YouTube, you can instantly watch something by asking for it by name or, if you aren’t sure what to watch, try “show me movies about climbing Mount Everest.” You can also ask your Assistant to “play some music” or listen to a specific song on YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Spotify or Pandora.
  • “Play business news”— catch up on what’s going on in the news, from business to tech to entertainment. And once you’re caught up, prepare for your own day by asking “what’s on my agenda for today?”
  • “Talk to Fitstar”— apps for the Google Assistant are also now available on Android TV, so you can talk to Fitstar for a quick home workout, Tender for a cocktail recommendation, Wall Street Journal for a market update and more.
  • “Order more popcorn”— stock up on binge-watching snacks right from the comfort of your couch. With Google Express, you can shop and reorder from Walgreens, Walmart and many other stores.
  • “Turn off”— it’s as simple as that. With your Assistant on Android TV you can turn up the volume, pause, control your smart home devices and more, just with your voice.

The goods will come first to the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV today, but Sony’s Bravia lineup will also join in on the fun at some point. Oh, and Google is hooking folks on the SHIELD up with a free 3-month trial of YouTube Red to celebrate, just because. Be on the lookout for the update to hit your device in the days to come.

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