Sep 25th, 2017

At launch, Google Home was a very bare bones assistant, but over time Google has been adding new features to the little speaker in an attempt to make it more competitive with Amazon’s Alexa. A new support page has revealed the ability to set reminders is coming to the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada for now.

Google gives some specific examples of reminders you’ll be able to set, but makes note that location-based reminders aren’t supported yet. You can create time-based reminders like, “Remind me to call Mom this Sunday at noon.” You can even make a time-based reminder a recurrent one by adding a frequency like, “Remind me to take my medicine every day at 8pm.” Finally, you’ll be able to ask about any reminder by using phrases like, “What are my reminders?” or “When is my reminder to call Mom?”

Google says that location-based reminders are coming soon and that reminders will fully support a multi-user Home device, with different instructions to set up everyone’s reminders. This is a long-time feature that people have wanted since the release of Google Home and it works just like setting reminders in the Google app.

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