Google Assistant adds a search bar to help find supported apps and services


Back in May, Google was busy overhauling Google Assistant, opening it up to developers and adding more than 70+ smart home partners. That meant a slew of new apps and 3rd party services would be hitting Google Assistant and to help make things easier on users, they introduced a sort of app directory.

The directory showed all the available Google Assistant compatible apps, along with some of the phrases you can speak to control them. Handy? Sure, if you didn’t mind scrolling through a hundreds of cards to find whatever apps or services you weren’t currently using. Not really the most effective way to go about this.

That app directory is being improved with, what else, but a handy search bar you can use to quickly find apps, services. Even searching something like “lights” will pull up a list of apps/services that can control your smart lights, speeding up the entire process allowing you to quickly link services and smart products to Google Assistant.

To do a little exploring of your own, just open up Google Assistant and tap the blue drawer icon in the upper right corner. There you’ll find the Explore tab, search bar, and apps/services all categorized for easy browsing. Enjoy.

via AndroidPolice

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