Google no longer replaces out of warranty Nexus 6P devices with Pixel XL


Last week we reported that Google Store’s customer service had a policy of replacing defective Nexus 6P units with the battery drain issues with an equivalent sized Pixel XL. It seems as though that policy has changed recently, likely in light of the issue being brought into the spotlight in the first place.

A redditor desperate to exchange his Nexus 6P contacted Google to ask for a replacement and was told by the customer service representative that the policy for replacement devices had been revised. Here’s a portion of the conversation:

Since the device is out of warranty and hence we would not be able to replace the device for you. We had replaced some of the device [sic] earlier but the policies have changed now. We’ve re-evaluated our servicing policies and cannot provide a replacement for your issue. Your best option for additional service on this is to contact the original manufacturer of the device, Huawei.

It’s important to note that devices that are still under warranty will be covered by the replacement policy, it’s just those who are out of warranty that are affected by this change. Google says those that are out of warranty and are having issues should contact Huawei; but many reports suggest that Huawei is denying some warranties and taking forever to replace others.

What has your experience been? When I broke the story last week the customer service rep replaced my device with a Pixel XL, which arrived yesterday. I’m sending the Nexus 6P back tomorrow before work. Were you able to get your device replaced or are you stuck with the new policy? Let us know in the comments.
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