Sep 13th, 2017

The Nexus 6P was my first stock Android device after a long history of bouncing back and forth between Samsung and LG. I really loved the phone when it debuted, but the phone’s battery life has not held up over the last few months. My personal device has gotten so bad that it shuts off now with 32% showing on the display.

I stopped using my Nexus 6P as a daily driver a few months ago in favor of a OnePlus 5, but a friend who was in-between phones had to use it for a bit and kept complaining to me about the abysmal battery. It’s a known issue and something that Google seems to be addressing by replacing defective devices with the Pixel XL. I contacted Google not expecting much since the device is out of warranty, but had the following convo with a chat rep.

The chat rep sent me an email with a link to buy a 32GB Black Pixel XL and a temporary charge was placed on my credit card. The return label for the Nexus 6P was also included in the email, so once I receive the Pixel XL I can ship it back and the charge will be removed. This is pretty excellent customer service on Google’s part since I didn’t purchase Nexus Protect and bought the device on the day it was released so it was well out of warranty.

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