The Xiaomi Mi 7 may feature the Snapdragon 845 and 6-inch OLED display


Xiaomi has been on a roll over the last few years by releasing extremely elegant and excellent flagship devices, and the same sentiment may be ringing true for the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 7. A new rumor from Weibo claims that Xiaomi is planning to use the Snapdragon 845 SoC, which is likely to be the next flagship processor from Qualcomm.

If you rewind back to earlier this year, the Xiaomi Mi 6 was launched with the Snapdragon 835, marking only the third device (at the time) to launch with the 2016 flagship SoC. Other rumors from this source suggest that the Mi 7 will also be launching with a 6-inch OLED display panel, provided by Samsung.

The inclusion of the Snapdragon 845 on the Mi 7 is important to note due to the fact that it’s likely that LG will be aiming to use the SoC for the LG G7, and the same can be said for the Samsung Galaxy S9. However, if the SD835 was any indication, other OEM’s may have a tough time getting ahold of SD845 chipsets if Samsung decides to purchase the majority of the early production runs for the Galaxy S9.

While we’re still waiting for the Pixel 2 line up to launch, we’re already looking to early 2018 as we begin anticipating what devices will dominate the headlines next year.

[Pocketnow | Weibo]


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