Qualcomm and LG reportedly working together on the Snapdragon 845 and LG G7


There was a lot of hubbub and hoopla raised regarding the fact that the LG G6 is powered by last year’s Snapdragon 821 instead of the latest Snapdragon 835 which is found in other 2017 flagships. Some trains of thought suggested this was due to Samsung “hoarding” the SD835 for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, causing supply constraints. However, LG seems to be getting ahead of the game if a new report is to be believed.

The report states that LG and Qualcomm are already working together in the development of both the LG G7 and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. The Snapdragon 845 will likely be at the helm of many 2018 flagships, and LG wants to make sure that it isn’t left in the dust again.

This move isn’t all that surprising considering the fact that early development for both LG and Qualcomm have likely already gotten underway. If LG does, in fact, take advantage of the SD845, then it will reap the benefits of a processor which will reportedly be 30% more powerful than its predecessor thanks to the new 7nm manufacturing process.

Other than the all-new display featured in the LG G6, the device is largely a conservative effort to get LG back on the map. By many accounts, the G6 is just as good as the Galaxy S8, if not slightly better in some regards. However, LG is definitely looking to the future and hopefully can get the LG G7 out of the gates without any hiccups, following a great start by its 2017 predecessor.

[Android Authority | The Investor]


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