The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is Daydream-capable out of the box

When the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus were announced, they were said to have been Daydream-ready. The problem is that glorious VR alternative didn’t arrive until months after its arrival. A good bit of the community even accused Samsung of stifling competition in favor of their own Samsung Gear VR.

Well, that’s behind us now, and if you were wondering what the fate of support was for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, there’s good news: it’ll have all the necessary bits in place to support Daydream VR out of the box. If you already have a Daydream VR headset then you’re golden, but if you were holding off on buying one until you were sure it would work day one then it’s safe to go ahead and start looking for some deals.

Unfortunately, some of the best deals we’d seen on it have expired, but you can still knock a few bucks off its $79 asking price over at Amazon. Be sure to snag one if the Gear VR isn’t doing it for you.