iFixIt had to freeze the Essential phone to take it apart


The jury is still out on whether the Essential phone is worthy of love in the burgeoning smartphone market, but one thing we can say thanks to a timely iFixIt teardown is that it’s one tough cookie to crack.

Essential apparently uses “copious” amounts of adhesive to keep things nice and tight and neat and petite, but when don’t manufacturers do this in today’s age? Well, whichever actual adhesive it is that Essential used, it’s so effective that iFixIt had to first heat the phone and then freeze it just to get it to budge.

Of course, that bit of chemistry results in a situation where trying to remove the glass from its chassis results in irreparable damage, so depending on what exactly it is you’re trying to fix, you’re probably doing more harm than good.

The teardown explores other areas such as component modularity, and that may not be its best trait either, with iFixIt revealing that its USB-C port is hardwired into the motherboard. Should that thing ever break? Well, you’d be out of both power and audio, seeing as how there’s no 3.5mm jack inside . You can find the full carnage at the link ahead.

via iFixIt

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