Sep 5th, 2017

The LG G6 — while not the fastest flagship device on the market — is still a pretty great phone. By today’s standards, the phone sort of hovers around the premium mid-range to high-end segment, with last year’s Snapdragon 821 processor and 32GB of storage, the G6 still offers full water resistance and a dual camera system that’s arguably more useful than you’ll find on most. It only makes sense that the price should match.

The LG G6 is now seeing a nice discount where it’s recently been marked down to $450 on Amazon. It’s only the black model seeing the discount, while silver is still set at a slightly overpriced $550. That puts the device in an interesting spot. It’s now less expensive than mid-range offerings like the $550 Moto Z2 Play, but higher than the $300 Moto G5 Plus, and only a few dollars cheaper than the much better equipped $480 OnePlus 5.

Still, it’s not a bad deal if you’re one of those types who would enjoy taking your phone into the pool or capturing wide angle shots of your latest vacation destination. By all definitions, it’s a pretty damn good phone. For all those interested, you’ll find the link to check out the deal down below.

Buy the LG G6 on Amazon
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