Aug 30th, 2017 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 10:29 am

Acer had a couple of new 360-degree cameras to show off at IFA Berlin. The cameras both offer similar functionality in their optics, with 360-degree capabilities at up to 4K resolution. They also both have 4G LTE for live streaming and wireless syncing.

The cameras serve pretty different purposes, though. The Holo360 is your ordinary 360-degree camera for recreational purposes like live streaming or blogging. It isn’t quite phone-ish, but it does have a display, buttons, and the like.

The Vision360, meanwhile, serves a more specific purpose: it’s a dashcam. Ideally, it’d be used to record unfortunate events like accidents to prove you were driving safely with a seatbelt, not talking on the phone or texting, etc. Acer says it even has a feature that can detect a collision and will automatically add GPS coordinates to the recording and immediately upload it to the cloud for safe keeping.

That said, there’s no good reason you couldn’t use it socially, as well. You could capture the memories on an epic road trip, and if you have any musings to attend outside of the car it’ll also double as an action cam.

As for when you can buy one, the Halo360 will be available in North America this November for $429. Europe, The Middle East, and Africa will also get it later in the 4th quarter. The Vision360 doesn’t yet have such details available.

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