LG V30 will include high quality B&O PLAY headphones to enhance your audio experience


LG has detailed the audio system that will be inside the LG V30. The LG V20 had a Hi-Fi Quad DAC, an industry first, and now the LG V30 will be building on it with some pretty interesting capabilities thanks to collaborations with ESS Technology and MQA.

For starters, we know that the unit in the LG V30 is the ESS SABRE ES9218P, a variant of the same 32-bit Quad DAC that was present in the LG V20. The new bits include new digital filters and sound presets that allow you to get the most out of your music. You’ll be able to choose from “enhanced,” “detailed,” “live,” and “bass.”

This kind of functionality at the hardware level is typically reserved for high-end audio players and best appreciated when using high quality headphones, which LG will provide in the box thanks to a partnership with B&O Play.

Things aren’t just improved in the playback area, either. Audio recording gets a bump thanks to the ability to use the phone’s audio receiver as a microphone in conjunction with the standard system microphones. The result should be the ability to record a high range of sounds at varying volumes without distortion. We can’t wait to see how this all translates to a hot jam session once we finally get the LG V30 in our hands.

via LG

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