Jul 5th, 2017

It’d be unlike Samsung to let a new consumer product category spring out of nowhere and have them not try to grab their fair share of the pie. That’s what they want to do for the home speaker segment, anyway, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The speaker would rely on the power of Bixby to enhance your living room. It sounds just as great as any other AI-powered speaker until you realize Bixby is still pretty much in a state of infancy.

It can’t understand much beyond Korean, for one, and even then we’re still not sure how well, exactly, the service works. And if the horror stories we’re hearing from the US English beta are anything to go by, the company isn’t exactly close to prime time.

That’s something Samsung will want to address if they want any chance of beating the biggest players in the game, what with Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple all either off to extremely fast starts or geared to catch up.

Of course, Samsung can try to leverage their control of the smartphone market to try and win some dollars from those who are deeply invested in the Samsung ecosystem. But again, perhaps they should focus on getting Bixby to a functional state for folks in major markets before trying to take on the big boys.

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