LG V30 will have iPhone-like haptic feedback and biometric security


The LG V30 is one of the next big Android phones on the horizon along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. We’ve seen the device in numerous leaks and we have a pretty good idea about the specs. LG has a bunch of new software features for the V30, including a floating bar to replace the second screen. Today, we’re hearing about some more features.

Most Android devices have basic vibration motors with limited variation. iPhones have a “Taptic Engine” that can create vibrations with different intensities and length. The difference is very noticeable. It sounds like the V30 is going to have a similar feature as the iPhone. A company called Immersion is working with LG to bring better haptic feedback to the V30.

For example, in the camera app, when you take a picture you feel a shutter click, just like a DSLR; when you adjust camera settings, it feels like you’re spinning a finely tuned mechanical knob. When you dismiss a notification, navigate from one home screen to another, and perform several other interactions, you feel subtle effects that match the animations perfectly, resulting in better usability and perceived design quality.

LG is also adding some new seurity options to the V30. Users will be able to unlock the phone with their face and voice. The face unlock is said to work “instantaneously,” but we don’t have any more info about the voice unlock. As with all of this news, we’ll know more about the V30 later this month.

[via 9to5Google, Engadget]

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