New photos of Sony’s upcoming G83XX and G8441 leak online


While Sony’s mobile division may not carry the weight of Samsung or LG in the world of Android, they’ve got a dedicated fan base thanks to being one of the few manufacturers left producing compact phones.

Two upcoming phones that have been codenamed the G83XX and the G8441 have been appearing in benchmarks for awhile now, but now some live photos of the phones have leaked online. These new shots reveal a few details about the upcoming phones, including a rear mounted fingerprint sensor.

The phones appear to be very similar to the Xperia XZ Premium, featuring a fingerprint sensor that’s on the back of the phone instead of in the power button. That’s a feature that never translated to the US anyway, thanks to Apple’s patent on the feature. It looks like Sony has given up and decided to join LG with fingerprint sensors on the back.

Another notable feature revealed by these pictures is that both phones appear to be running Android 8.0, which suggests the final release is just around the corner. These phones are expected to debut at IFA 2017 in Berlin this September.

What do you think of these shots?

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