Aug 8th, 2017

There’s a certain expectation that, when paying upwards of 1,000 dollars on a smartphone, you’re going to be treated to a more premium experience than your typical, mid-range handset. Like a luxury car, sometimes it can be as little the extra items that come bundled inside. You want to feel like you’re being taken care of.

Whether it’s premium headphones, a phone that comes pre-screen protected, or a higher level of support, sometimes it’s the little things that matter and really, it’s something we all should expect manufacturers when thrown down so much of our hard earned money for their latest flagships.

We all know this year’s Galaxy Note 8 isn’t going to come to cheap, hitting that upper echelon of pricing you’d expect from the latest iPhone. It makes sense, it’s essentially a bigger, badder Galaxy S8+ with a fancy S Pen that allows you to draw on the display. Of course the first thing most folks buy for their smartphone is a case to protect it (if you’re like me, you buy the case before the phone actually arrives) but you may want to hold off for the Galaxy Note 8. At least if you’re buying the phone in Korea.

ETNews is reporting that Samsung will be offering a clear plastic case inside the box for the Korean version of the Galaxy Note 8, similar to the bundled case included with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition. Retail price for the case is around $20 if you were going to buy it separately and while it’s a nice gesture on Samsung to include it inside with the Note 8, the US, Europe, or Russia reportedly wont be treated to the same courtesy.

Now, this practice isn’t entirely unheard of. Higher-end devices like the Huawei Mate 9 have often included cases with their devices and it’s something that’s always appreciated and doesn’t go unnoticed. This is an industry trend we’d love to really see take off, not the disappearing headphone jack.

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