LG confirms the V30 will have an OLED display


LG phones traditionally have LCD displays. They’ve been using LCD for a long time and it’s one thing that some people don’t like. The LG G6 has an awesome display, but there’s a large group of people who won’t buy it because it’s not OLED. That’s about to change with the LG V30.

According to LG themselves, their “next flagship smartphone” will have a “FullVision” OLED display. It will have the same tall 18:9 aspect ratio and small bezels as the G6. LG didn’t specifically say it will be the V30, but it’s pretty obvious that will be their next phone.

The display is rumored to be 6-inches and ditch the Second Screen for a floating bar. The phone is smaller than the LG V20, which will be nice. We expect the V30 to be announced late this month at IFA. Are you looking forward to this phone?

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