This probably isn’t the LG V30, but it could look pretty close to it


You may see this render floating around over the next few days purporting to be of the LG V30. It probably could be, but it most likely isn’t.

The render comes from a Twitter user known to create mockups based on leaks, so it’s likely this is the same ordeal (especially when considering they used a wallpaper from an ages-old iPhone).

Still, this could be pretty close to what we see once it launches. The device keenly matches leaks and rumors we’ve seen to date, with its bezel-less display that’ll be a touch bigger than the one we’ve seen on the LG G6, about 6 inches if rumors hold up. We also know the secondary display will be absent in favor of a software-based “floating” action bar.

To the maker’s credit, the render does portray a good deal of detail seen in prior leaks, including the locations of the antenna lines bordering the phone, as well as the location of things like the camera and sensors, volume buttons, and the 3.5mm headphone jack. So even if this isn’t a legit render, don’t be surprised if the real deal ends up looking just like this. Thankfully we shouldn’t have long to go, with LG already confirming details themselves and an unveiling expected to happen by the end of this month.

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