Google confirms merger of YouTube Red and Google Play Music


YouTube Red has always been a pretty neat proposition for those who have reason to use the service. For one, it gets rid of those annoying ads that play before, during, or after each video. It also lets you play those videos in the background and download them for offline viewing, as well as offers access to original exclusive content.

But more than all of that, you also get access to Google Play Music’s premium streaming service. Of course, you can also look at this as Google Play Music users getting access to YouTube Red for free.

Either way, Google doesn’t think the message is clear enough: one low subscription gets you access to both of these services. It’s a remarkable value, really. Even yours truly has subscribed to YouTube Red for the video-watching benefits but often forgets Google Play Music is also at his fingertips (mainly because Apple Music covers his streaming music needs a bit better).

And so, a merger will happen, and the two will become one in the same, The Verge reports. This may not change much as far as the core services are concerned, however a rebranding and marketing effort could help compel more people to subscribe to this two-pronged value meal.

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