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Meet YouTube Red YouTube

Last week, YouTube officially announced their ad-free subscription service. It’s called YouTube Red, and it includes all of YouTube without ads, original YouTube content, and Google Play Music All Access, for just $9.99. It seems like a pretty sweet deal. Today, the service has officially gone live. You can sign up now for a free trial.

Another benefit of YouTube Red is the ability to save videos for offline viewing and listen to videos in the background. As mentioned above, this also marks YouTube’s venture into producing original content. Shows from popular channels like PewDiePie, RoosterTeeth, the Fine Brothers, Tobuscus, and CollegeHumor will be available only with a YouTube Red subscription.

The reception of YouTube Red has been shaky. A lot of people love the idea, but others are afraid it will create a divide among YouTuber viewers: those that can afford Red, and those that can’t. Up until this point, YouTube has been free for everyone. Anyone in the world can watch videos, and also create videos that can be seen by everyone. What do you think about YouTube Red? Are you signing up?

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