Amazon’s Alexa is coming to a smartphone near you


The same week that Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service make its way to the HTC U11, Amazon is looking to bring Alexa to the hands of millions more. Yesterday, a few users found a new dialog box within the Amazon app which showed that Alexa was now available for their devices, and a few hours later, Amazon confirmed the changes to TechCrunch.

Now, in order for Amazon to bring Alexa into the hands of millions is through one app — the Amazon Shopping application. This makes the most sense as just about everyone (not a literal estimation) already has Amazon installed, therefore, making it easy to bring Alexa to those without an Echo device.

The best part is that you aren’t limited by what Alexa can do via the Amazon app. Alexa functions the same way as if you were talking to an Echo device, and can take advantage of all the various add-on skills. This will be a great way to get your feet wet with Alexa, and help you determine whether you should spring for an Echo device.

The Alexa rollout is not happening all at once, but is happening in waves. So let us know once you get Alexa on your Android device and are able to start having some fun.



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