HTC U11 will let you squeeze to activate Amazon Alexa on July 17th


It looks like HTC is just about ready to push Amazon Alexa support to their squeezable Edge Sense feature. The manufacturer pushed out an update to HTC Edge Sense (version 1.01.936529) about a week ago, but only now the UI animation has changed and they’ve added an extra option to summon Amazon Alexa with a squeeze.

The weird part is enabling the option doesn’t actually do anything yet. It’s just a placeholder for a future update, so there’s nothing to even try out at the moment. According to HTC, functionality wont be fully enabled until this Monday, July 17th — only 3 days away. So if you’re really keen on playing around with Alexa on your HTC U11, you’ll have to wait until then.

Your HTC Edge Sense app should already be updated but if you want to make sure, just hit up the link below where you’ll find it on the Google Play Store.

Download on Google Play

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