Jul 8th, 2017

The Google Play store is filled with tons of well-known essential apps (See: 100 Best Apps) but it’s not always easy to find brand spanking new apps and games to tickle your fancy. We try our best to fill you in with our continuous selection of top new apps, but considering the Android Army is now billions deep (literally), why not reach out to some of the experts (hint: you) to help each other surface some other great stuff?

Hit up the comments and let us know:

  1. What new apps and games have you downloaded in the past few weeks that you’re really loving?
  2. What type of apps have you been looking for but still can’t find the perfect solution?

Don’t be shy… even if the app old but new to you, maybe someone will find your recommendation helpful. And if you really like an app someone else has shared, give it a +1 to support the suggestion!

Ready. Set. Go.

Side Note: the featured image is from Boomerang for Android, developed by Instagram, and has over 50,000,000 users. It came out way back in 2015… have you tried it?