Snapchat adds links, backdrops, voice filters and more in latest update


It’s officially almost the weekend and if you got something fun planned, you may want to consider sharing it with your friends/family over Snapchat. In the most recent update — available now on the Google Play Store — Snapchat added a handful of fun new tools to help users get more creative with their snaps.

The first is the ability to buy Geofilters for special events (graduations, weddings, birthdays). Prices start at $5.99 and you can buy them directly inside the app by diving in to the settings. It’s a fun, easy way for Snapchat for further monetize the app, and what better way than with a filter your friends and family can use at your next big event.

Users can also (finally) add links to their Snaps. They’re calling it Paperclips and once added to your snap, viewers can swipe up to visit the website. This will no doubt be a big hit for brands and websites looking to drive traffic to their websites (our site included).

Other tools include the ability to add fun Backdrops, with a Scissor tool to cut them around your subject, and all new voice filters. It’s not a groundbreaking update, but one that further cements Snapchat as the hip destination for today’s youth.

We’re now officially counting down the days until Instagram copies every last one of these features and rebrands them their own.

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