Motorola quietly announces the Moto 360 Camera Moto Mod


Motorola has made a huge point to show how much it is devoted to various Moto Mods for its 2017 devices, including the Moto Z2 Play. Alongside the Z2 Play, the company announced a few new Moto Mods that are already available, but it seems there are more Mods on the way.

According to TechDroider, Motorola held an event in Ghana where the company announced its lineup would be coming, but also showed off something new. The new Moto 360 Camera Moto Mod looks as you would expect from a Moto Mod, as it attaches to the device, but features a camera on the top.

Unfortunately, the initial report didn’t give us any idea regarding the specs, but the Moto Mod does raise some eyebrows. If you remember, the Essential Phone was announced back in May, and one of the accessories included was a detachable 360-degree camera.

So we aren’t sure if the Essential Phone forced Motorola’s hand in this regard, but we’re still waiting for an official announcement from Motorola. Speaking of, hopefully, we’ll see the Moto Z2 sooner rather than later and see what’s been in the works.


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