Apple rumored to be investing in LG’s OLED display business


Samsung owns around 95% of the OLED display market, so it’s not surprising to hear that competitor LG is looking to beef up their small screen OLED production. The company does use OLED panels in its television sets, but the LG G series and the LG V series have all used LCD display technology. There are rumors that LG will move over to OLED for the LG V30, but so far those haven’t been proven. Last year we reported that LG would merge their display divisions to focus more on OLED panels.

Now it appears as though Apple is considering joining Google as an investor in LG’s OLED displays, as a new report from South Korea says the company may be in talks to invest between $1.75 billion to $2.62 billion in production lines that will be dedicated exclusively to Apple orders. The report says LG and Apple reached an agreement on June 3, despite investment timing and size not having been completely ironed out.

Sources close to the matter say LG is still having trouble catching up to Samsung’s quality, though.

“Samsung Display is the only display maker that meets Apple’s strict quality criteria for now. LG Display is said to be meeting about 70 percent level of the requirements, while Chinese display makers are still struggling to catch up with that of LG.”

It’s interesting to know that both Apple and Google are looking into propping up LG’s growing OLED display business since that will put pressure on Samsung to maintain its spot of dominance over the market. Which do you prefer, LCD or OLED displays?

[via: The Investor]
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