Dec 15th, 2016

LG has its hands in a lot of different pots, and one of its largest markets is with displays. The company offers various products to not only consumers, but provides displays to other OEMs. However, with much of the market moving towards OLED displays, LG is looking to change things up.

A new report by Business Korea suggests that LG will be merging its 5 different display divisions down to just 3. Currently, there is a division for TV, OLED, IT, mobile, and AD but after the merger, there will only be TV, IT, and mobile.

The company has decided to perform this maneuver due to the increased popularity of OLED displays, as well as the advancements in the technology. Currently, LG primarily manufactures LCD displays for mobile devices, but the company will shift to plastic OLEDs after an almost $900 million investment in these P-OLED displays.

The biggest customer to LG’s displays has been Apple, which currently uses an LCD display, however, the report suggests that the next iPhone will use OLED displays. It’s unknown if there are any other manufacturers that will be making the move to OLED through LG, but with such a huge commitment by LG to make this move, it only makes sense that this is the way to go.

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