LG V30 may get wireless charging


It looks like the LG V30 may follow in the footsteps of the LG G6 with wireless charging capabilities of its own. A new leak of the device’s internal chassis shows the coil contact pads needed to facilitate such technology.

We aren’t too surprised that this considering LG typically likes to include all their best features — and then some– in this particular line, and its presence on the LG G6 all but confirmed it for any V-series launch to come after it. Still, it’s nice to actually see that the days of no wireless charging for LG customers (at least those in the US and Canada, as not all regions got wireless charging) are gone.

As was the case on the LG G6, LG should be going with a glass back for the LG V30 in order to make this possible. That could spell the death of the removable battery, something that many battery purists are sure to point to as they put their DOA stamp on the thing, but if LG can win more mainstream customers with wireless charging instead of appealing to the most powerful of power users, it could prove fruitful.

[via Slash Leaks]

Quentyn Kennemer
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