Fitbit’s woes continue as it looks to release its new smartwatch


Over the last couple of months, things have been less than rosy for Fitbit, as the company has taken a tumble in the wearable market. New additions to the market from Samsung and Apple’s heavy grasp on the #1 spot has forced Fitbit to look at wearables in a new fashion.

Back in May, we learned of a new smartwatch that Fitbit was in the process of development, after a series of images showed off what could be on the horizon. However, a few folks stated the smartwatch looked horrendous, while reports claimed that Fitbit was struggling to get its own App Store off the ground.

It seems that Fitbit’s troubles are still not over, as a new report claims that the smartwatch still doesn’t have a dedicated app store. Not only that, but it seems that the “Higgs” project has lost a few key members, which may push back the official release even further.

As Fitbit looks to take on Samsung and Apple, things aren’t looking too hot, and if it plans to make any real run at the market, it will need to get everything in order in due haste. Hopefully, Fitbit can get things together and release a smartwatch that is actually useful, but if it is delayed any longer, the company may need to start looking at scrapping the project altogether.

Let us know if you’d be interested in a Fitbit smartwatch, or if you’ll stick to the Gear S3 or other Android Wear smartwatch.



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