Samsung overtakes Fitbit as #2 in the wearable market


The wearable market isn’t as crowded as it was a couple of years ago, but there are still major players in the game. Fitbit has been one of the largest wearable makers, launching their first device back in 2009. Samsung hasn’t been doing it as long, but they just passed Fitbit in market share.

According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung grabbed 12.8% of the market in Q1 2017. Fitbit’s share was 12.2%. The leader, by a wide margin, is still Apple at 53%. It may seem like Apple has an insurmountable lead, but passing Fitbit is a major step. Fitbit is a household name that is still very widely used. Samsung’s market share will continue to grow.

If you’re looking to get in on the Samsung smartwatches, they currently offer the Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier, as well as the Gear Fit 2 fitness tracker.

[via The Investor]

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