We could see a touch-sensitive backplate in a future Pixel device


When it comes to a company as large as Google, if someone has a semi-decent idea then there will likely be a patent for it to be filed. However, a recent patent has been uncovered which suggests that we could see some drastic changes made to the Pixel lineup.

A render of the rumored Meizu Pro 7

With companies like Meizu looking to implement displays on the rear of their devices, Google could be looking to implement a touchpad to the rear of future Pixel devices. The goal of this would be to allow users the ability to control various aspects of their device without ever needing to touch the display itself.

Google already does this, to a certain extent, when it comes to the fingerprint scanner on the Pixel and Pixel XL. There are various swipe gestures accessible which allow you to pull down the notification shade without stretching your finger to the top of the display to show information.

Some examples made in the explanation of this patent could be to control your music from the rear trackpad, zoom in and out while browsing the web, or being able to scroll a page or document on your device. Personally, I would love to see this feature come when it comes to scrolling through something like Reddit, but I would assume that we’re still a little ways away from seeing this actually implemented.

Who knows, maybe Google will license the patent to an OEM and will let them work out the kinks before introducing the touchpad in the Pixel lineup. Let us know what you think about this patent and if you’d be interested in seeing something like this in action.

[Patently Mobile]


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