Jun 26th, 2017

The battle of personal assistants is extending into the home with Amazon Alexa and Google Home speakers. Both ecosystems have their ups and downs, with Amazon’s Alexa having thousands of skills and compatible products, while Google Home is somewhat less useful, especially when Google changes basic functions like the shopping list.

However, when put to the test by a research firm, it was determined that Google Home is six times more likely to answer any search question you ask better than Amazon Alexa. Of course, that’s thanks to Google’s incredible background in search and delivering information. Despite that superiority in search, Alexa is projected to drive $10 billion in revenue by 2020 and already owns 70% of the voice assistant market.

So how did researchers determine Google Home is better at answering questions than Amazon Alexa? They put together some proprietary software and asked both devices a series of 3,000 questions. The researchers say that Alexa showed real strength in retail search, but Google Home had an unmatched ability to answer questions.

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