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Google Home was one of the big announcements from I/O 2016. This year, Google is adding some polish to home with a ton of new features. 4 features, in particular, are going to make a big difference in Google Home. If you’ve used Home, you know that it doesn’t feel finished at times. These new features should help a lot.

Hands-free Calling

With hands-free calling, you’ll be able to call anyone by simply asking Google Home. Simply say “Ok Google, call my mom” and Assistant will use your phone to call your mom and play it over the Home speaker. You can talk to Home like a speaker phone. This is great for being able to talk to people while you’re doing other things.

Visual Responses

Right now, Google Home gives responses in one way: voice. You ask something with your voice and an audible response is recited out of the speaker. “Visual Responses” will change that if you have a connected device. You will be able to say “Show me my calendar on the TV” or have directions sent right to your smartphone. This adds a screen to Google Home without actually adding a screen to the device.

Bluetooth Streaming

Google Home is a speaker, but it hasn’t acted like a typical Bluetooth speaker. To play music on Home you have to cast it to the device. Soon, Google Home will act like a regular Bluetooth speaker. You will be able to connect to it and play music from any app on your phone. No more looking for the cast button or hoping the app supports it.

New Apps & Video Partners

Google announced several new apps and video partners for Google Home. Soundcloud, Deezer, and Spotify will be able to cast to Home. HBO and YouTube TV will be able to play video on your TV when commanded by Google Home. Google Home will also be expanding to more countries in Europe soon.

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